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Get in contact with The Foothills Gardening Services to book our Lawn Mowing Service. We offer lawn mowing all over the Indigo, Lower Towong and City of Wodonga areas and keep your lawn looking sharp.

When it comes to grass, every lawn is different. We all know that regularly mowing your lawn during the heavy growth period of September to May is important. However, some grass types require regular mowing during the Winter seasons. Did you know that Tif Tuf, Eureka Premium and Sir Grange require fortnightly mowing during Winter?

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Mowing A Lawn isn’t just about looking good

Seasonal Lawn Mowing Tips

Summer Lawn Mowing Care

Summer is when your warm-season grass is in full swing but can be a stressful time for you and your lawn with some extreme heat periods. Having a good healthy lawn this time of year will help keep things cooler around the house.

The main key to the best lawn in the street is regular mowing, especially this time of year. Regular mowing will stop you from scalping your lawn, so mowing just a third of the leaf at a time is best. Mowing earlier in the day or as the sun is starting to set will stop your lawn from being too stressed by the peak of the sun. Sharp mower blades will cut much cleaner and also reduce stress on the grass.

Autumn Lawn Mowing Care

Summer is over, Autumn is here! The stress levels start to drop for you and your lawn, as the cooler days provide some relief. Time for some autumn lawn care.

During summer your family, friends and pets spend a lot more time enjoying your lawn. Combined with the sun and heat and extra traffic the soil can become quite compacted. This can slow down your growth going into winter so you must undertake some aeration to allow for oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots of the turf. Proper Lawn Mowing Service will promote growth, with the Autumn season fertilising the most important feed for the year.

Winter Lawn Mowing Care

Even in Winter, certain grass breeds require Lawn Mowing Services.

If you have an invasion of winter grass you will want to do something about it before they germinate. If you allow winter grass to drop seeds, next winter they will be back, twice as bad as the previous year. The best practice is to treat them as soon as they appear.

Winter weed can easily be removed by hand as it does not have particularly deep roots. If you prefer to spray you will need to use winter grass killer as a general-purpose herbicide that won’t be effective. At Foothills Gardening, we use Buffalo and Kikuyu safe weed n feed solutions.

Spring Lawn Mowing Care

Spring is the best season of the year for planting and reviving plants that have sat Winter out dormant.

During Spring, Foothills Gardening provides soil PH testing and soil aeration to reduce decreases thatch and compaction. We also frequently treat lawns with a build-up of thatch, as well as Spring Dead Spot. Spring dead spot is a turf disease that appears as bleached patches in your lawn, ranging in size from a few centimetres to over 1 meter in diameter. The fungal pathogen attacks the roots, stolons and rhizomes of couch grass.

Our mowing service helps get your grass ready to go for the best colour season of the year – Summer!


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