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Sometimes, pulling weeds by hand can feel like a losing battle. Weeds suck moisture and nutrients out of the soil which is vital for other plants and trees, leaving your lawn or garden lacklustre and overrun. Weed spraying stops the regrowth from occurring.

Our weed spraying service includes the management of stubborn Capeweed, Bathurst Burr and blackberry bushes. All are fast-growing, difficult to remove and unsightly. A proper management and control plan is required to ensure you don’t experience an out-of-control weed infestation at your home or business.

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Weed Management and Removal

Weeds in the North East Region

Weed Spraying & Management

Weeds are an unfortunate part of garden maintenance and left unchecked can look unsightly, cause damage to lawns and plants and make yard areas inaccessible. In some cases, uncontrolled weeds can be dangerous, such as stinging nettle and the possibility of harbouring snakes.

At Foothills Gardening Services we use several methods to control weeds including old-school pulling out by hand, regular mowing, installing weed matt and chemical control. We also use Glyphosate free non-toxic, pet and food-friendly organic products such as Pelargonic Acid and Nonanoic acid.

Why Do Weeds Grow?

Weeds are considered opportunistic and grow when conditions are favourable, such as specific temperatures, lawn moisture levels, and bare or thin turf areas. They can even grow in cracks in the roads, sidewalks or driveways. Healthy grass in fertile soil discourages weed growth. When your soil has an imbalance, weeds move in.

At any given time, your lawn may be home to thousands of weed seeds that are eager to germinate. Some common growth areas include compacted soil, thinning lawn areas, overly wet portions of the lawn, overly sunny or shady locations and where the lawn meets concrete.

What Does Our Weed Spraying Stop?

Our organic weed killers target a number of local pests, including:

Barnyard grass
Camel melon
Common storksbill
Couch grass
Fat hen
Giant brome grass
Indian hedge mustard
Lambs tongue
Potato weed
Perennial ryegrass
Stinking roger
Whorled pigeon grass


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